About Meme Stop

How I Got Started

Hello, my name is TJ and I have been an avid Facebook user almost since Facebook itself came out. I have always loved humor and laughing. To me it's the best medicine when you are down or going through hard times. I attended Keiser University for an AA degree in graphic design. I worked jobs making signs, T-shirts, and yes, graphics with quotes. I am currently engaged to my wonderful fiance Norma and she also helps admin the groups and the page. We have been together a little over a year and my life wouldn't be the same without her.

Anyway, I started off in a Facebook meme group called Meme Addicts (A secret group that no longer exists) . A buddy of mine invited me to it and I was like "Memes?! What the heck is that?!" I was in the group a few months until I finally looked at some of the posts and saw some of the reactions people were getting. I decided to make my own meme just to see how people would react. To my amazement, it did extremely well. People seemed to like my humor. That is where it all started. I joined more and more groups and eventually became a mod for Meme Addicts.

The Birth of Mem-e-mart Pitstop

So after I became a mod, I eventually was handed my own meme group by my admin Luke. It was a generous gift as the group was already at 5k members. The group was called Mem-E-Mart. I used that to kind of build an "empire" so to speak. I created multiple meme groups and started building my fan base.

I decided I should have a page to go with the groups since you can advertise pages. I figured it would be another good way to get followers and members. So in early 2017, Mem-E-Mart Pit Stop was born. I used that name because it went with my first group. I wanted a correlation between the two. This was Meme Stop in its infant days.

Meme Stop Begins

As the days went on, the groups changed names and my buddy told me the name of my page would be a bit confusing as it no longer related to my groups and the name was too long. Using simpler names was the key. Something short with the word "meme" in it. So, I decided instead of Mem-E-Mart Pit Stop, the best way to shorten it and somewhat keep some of the words was to make it "Meme Stop." The only problem is, Facebook doesn't allow you to do entire name changes. They have to be subtle and slow changes, otherwise it won't be accepted. We are talking like one letter at a time. So after much frustration and a few months later, I was finally able to change all the letters and rename the page to just Meme Stop. Now here we are today.

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